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GENIUS Technology New Product and Software – Part 1

HCP Webinar – New Product and Software

HCP Test – New Product and Software

HCP CEU Submission Form – Part 1

GENIUS Technology Apps and Accessories – Part 2

HCP Webinar – Apps and Accessories

HCP Test – Apps and Accessories

HCP CEU Submission Form – Part 2

Front Office Associate (FOA) Training Manual

The FOA manual is comprised of two components: a Leader’s Guide and Participant’s Guide. The Leader’s Guide will help the owner/manager facilitate the program while creating an atmosphere of team work. The Participant’s Guide includes activities and exercises for the FOA to get more experience and practice in his/her role. 

Front Office Associate Leader’s Guide PDF

Front Office Associate PowerPoint

Front Office Associate Participant’s Guide PDF


CEU Questions

Please contact Mary Sunnarborg at mary.sunnarborg@amplifon.com or 763-268-4149.